Pesticide Research Institute provides information resources, research, environmental monitoring, and expert consulting on the chemistry and toxicology of pesticides.

Risk Assessment

PRI develops site-specific risk assessments for particular pesticide uses, as well as exposures through air water, food, house dust and surface residues.

Data Services

PRI brings together complex data sets to integrate information and develop new ways of evaluating pest management practices and chemical impacts on human health and the environment.

Beehive Sampling Services

PRI provides expert consulting services to beekeepers interested in sampling their hives for pesticide residues.

Database Tools

PRI has developed a number of database tools to provide scientists, researchers, IPM professionals, families and others with access to pesticide information.

Expert Consulting

PRI provides expert consulting and expert witness services related to the scientific and technical details of pesticide chemistry; movement of pesticides, industrial chemicals, and heavy metals through the environment; regulatory toxicology; and pesticide registration and use in the United States.