PRI Human Toxicology Database

Pesticide Research Institute is developing a web-based tool for toxicologists, regulators, researchers, and consultants that will provide toxicology information for pesticide active ingredients. If you’ve ever searched for specific information for a pesticide, such as an oral Reference Dose or the percent dermal absorption, you know that it can be very much like a scavenger hunt to find the latest risk assessments from the different agencies who produce them. Our ultimate goal is to make toxicology information available from multiple data sources in summary form, provide a graphical interface that allows comparison of pesticide toxicity, and provide links to the most up-to-date original data sources. Extensive export capabilities will be built into the site to allow you to maximize use of the data for your work.



The database currently contains oral, inhalation, and dermal toxicology data from the latest US EPA risk assessments, including Reference Doses (RfDs), No Observable Adverse Effect Levels (NOAELs) and Lowest Observable Effect Levels (LOAELs), as well as narrative descriptions of toxic effects, target organs, tumor types, and more, for the pesticides currently registered for use in the U.S. This information is continually updated from the latest risk assessments and supporting materials, including New Pesticide Fact Sheets, Registration Review documents, and Federal Register Notices. Ultimately we plan to include toxicology information from California EPA’s risk characterization documentsATSDR’s risk assessments, the European Union’s risk assessments, and other sources as they become available.

Current Status of Development:

  • Data entry from US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs documents is complete for all US-registered pesticides.
  • European Union data entry is about 20% complete.
  • We have started development of the web site to make these data available through a subscription service.
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