Expert Consulting

Expert Consulting and Expert Witness Services


PRI provides expert consulting and expert witness services related to the scientific and technical details of pesticide chemistry, movement of pesticides through the environment (fate and transport), and pesticide registration and use in the United States.

Dr. Kegley and PRI provide problem formulation and data analysis for both civil and administrative law cases related to airborne pesticide drift, pesticide impacts on endangered species, and pesticide runoff into waterways and groundwater. Our primary expertise is in assessing exposure for different receptors as pesticides move through the environment, using modeling, sampling of environmental media, and analysis of monitoring data. Dr. Kegley also has experience conducting laboratory analysis for organic and inorganic compounds in environmental samples and can provide interpretation of laboratory results and assess the adequacy of Quality Assurance/Quality Control measures used by analytical laboratories.

Dr. Kegley has served as an expert witness in cases involving pesticide crop damage, pesticide poisoning, and nuisance/negligence/trespass related to airborne pesticide drift onto private property, as well as intentional applications to land and water.

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