Data Services

Data Services

PRI has exclusive access to data sets on chemical toxicity, pest resistance, the California Pesticide Use Reporting (PUR) data, National Agricultural Statistics Service data, water and air monitoring data and more. PRI brings together complex data sets to integrate information and develop new ways of evaluating pest management practices and pesticide impacts on human health and the environment.

We can take data from your project and evaluate its significance in the context of a number of existing data sets.

A few sample projects include:

  • PRI is part of the Pesticide Risk Mitigation Engine (PRiME) team that is developing a pesticide risk assessment tool for farmers. Used by both PRiME for extension and PRiME for retail, PRI developed the bystander inhalation and worker dermal risk indices, utilizing PRI’s Toxicology and Physical Properties databases, as well as the California Pesticide Product and Pesticide Use Reporting databases. Download the Pesticide Risk Mitigation Engine Inhalation Risk Index White Paper, 09/29/2010, S.E. Kegley, E.E. Conlisk, 2010.
  • PRI researched the potential effects of 47 pesticides on 11 Bay Area endangered species for the case Center for Biological Diversity v. U.S. EPA (U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, San Francisco Division, Case No.: 07-2794-JCS). We developed an integrated species-pesticide-county database to facilitate evaluation and integration of information about potential pesticide effects, including habitat, acute and chronic pesticide toxicity, and potential exposure routes for each species.

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    • PRI’s principal and CEO, Dr. Susan Kegley, was co-director with Stephan Orme, in developing Pesticide Action Network’s PesticideInfo web site that brings together a number of data sets on chemical toxicity, classification, use, regulatory status and more. See Pesticide Action Network Online Pesticide Database, S. E. Kegley, S. Orme, A. Choi, B. Hill, Pesticide Action Network, copyright 2000-2012.

Pesticide Research Institute, Inc. also offers a suite of database tools containing comprehensive pesticide data. Click here to learn more.

Need more pesticide data?

Pesticide Data Central, Inc. (PDC) is an environmental consulting firm providing integrated datasets, innovative tools and expert consulting on the use of pesticide data.

PDC provides access to the key information needed to analyze the impacts and risks associated with pesticide use, as well as expert scientific advice on use of the data to ensure scientific validity of the results. Integrated datasets from PDC will support applications of a variety of pesticide risk assessment methods and models. Data support from PDC will allow clients to invest more time and energy in compiling information unique to a specific use of a pesticide, or quantification of a particular risk endpoint.