Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

PRI develops site-specific risk assessments for particular pesticide uses, including herbicide risk assessments for vegetation management and invasive species management plans, as well as residential and occupational exposures through air water, food, house dust and surface residues.

PRI uses state-of-the-art risk assessment methodology to assess exposure and risk from chemical exposure, with a particular focus on pesticides used in vegetation management projects, pesticides used in and around homes and other structures, and airborne pesticides. We have experience working with the following risk assessment methodologies:

  1. US Forest Service Herbicide Risk Assessment methods
  2. USDA GLEAMS water contamination modeling for pesticide runoff
  3. US EPA SHEDS-Wood model for residential exposure to treated wood
  4. US EPA Residential SOPs for pesticide exposure assessment
  5. US EPA Occupational Dermal Risk Assessment
  6. California OEHHA Air Toxics Hot Spots Program Risk Assessment Guidelines for cancer and non-cancer effects

Examples from past work: