Help Protect Pollinators

You can help bees and other pollinators by sharing information with the people in your community. PRI has created a door hanger that you or your organization can easily distribute to communicate that bees are in trouble, why we need bees and other pollinators, and ways we can all help to ensure their recovery. The door hanger is 4.25 X 11 inches in size and is printed on thick paper for added durability.


The door hanger can be customized to showcase your organization’s name
and contact information to complement your pollinator
protection outreach efforts. We take care of the logistics by printing and
shipping the door hangers directly to you.


Order Process

  • Place your order through our automated payment gateway, or by emailing PRI at
  • When placing your order, please include the following information for the “Distributed by:” section of the door hanger if you wish to list a specific person, family or organization as the distributor of the tags. Use the Organization Information section of the automated form.
    • Your name (if an individual or family with be distributing the tags) or the name of the organization who will be distributing the tags
    • The address (whatever level of detail you prefer)
    • The website address of your organization (if applicable)
    • The logo for your organization (if applicable)

The information should be presented exactly as you wish it to appear on the door hanger. You may also leave this part of the door hanger blank if you would prefer not to have a “Distributed by:” person or organization on your door hangers.

  • Specify the number of door hangers you wish to order. Pricing is listed below. Shipping and handling costs are included in the listed price.
Pricing (includes shipping)
Package of 250 door hangers $250
Package of 500 door hangers $350
Package of 1000 door hangers $500
Package of 2500 door hangers $750
Package of 5000 door hangers $1,000


  • If you use the automated payment gateway, you will be paying by credit card. You can also pay by invoice if you prefer, by emailing us at We will send you an invoice by email and will process your order on receiving payment.
  • You will receive an email with a draft of the door hanger for your approval prior to printing. Please verify that spelling and content are correct. The document will print EXACTLY as it appears on the draft. You cannot make any changes after your order is processed by the printer.
  • Please allow up to three business days for PRI to process your order. Once we have received payment, your door hanger will be printed and ready for shipping within 4-8 business days. Shipping time will vary depending upon your location.
  • If you have any questions regarding your order please contact us at

Place Your Order

Thank you for helping the bees!

To find out more, watch this video from Earth Focus, with insights on pollinators and pesticides from Dr. Susan Kegley of the Pesticide Research Institute and visit, a web page that PRI maintains with additional resources on how to create a bee-friendly garden, a list of pesticide products to avoid, and low-impact approaches to pest management.