Week of January 20

Welcome to the Environmental Chemistry Lab! This week is registration only. Contact Dr. Susan Kegley for assistance in registering for these lab sections. Lab manuals will be available for pickup at Odin Readers, 2146 Center St. by Sunday, January 26. NOTE: The Environmental Lab manual is DIFFERENT than the regular Chem 1A lab manual. Be sure you get the right one! The Environmental lab manual has a tan cover.

Week of January 27

This week is orientation, check-in, and planning for the first field trip.
Reading: pp. 2-14 and 19-35

Week of February 3

This week will be the first field trip to a site with potential problems with lead contamination.
Reading: pp. 37-43
Due: prelab questions on p. 41

Week of February 10

Reading: pp. 46-68
Due: prelab questions on p. 60

Week of February 17

This week we'll analyze the data and work in the Bixby computer facility to learn how to use Excel to process and analyze data.
Reading: pp. 70-80
Due: Appendix on Graphite Furnace AA

Week of February 24

Discussion only this week, plus a very short time to plan the pesticide experiment. Midterm I is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 26, at 5:30 p.m.
Due: Lab Report on Lead in the Environment, Friday, February 28, by 4 p.m. Turn in your reports to Justin in the Environmental lab room by 4 p.m. SHARP! .

Week of March 3

Analysis of produce from local grocery stores.
Reading: pp. 94-123 and pp. 135-149
Due: prelab questions on p. 133

Week of March 10

Week of March 17

Week of March 24

Week of March 31

Week of April 7

Week of April 14

Week of April 21

Week of April 28

Week of May 5

Week of May 12

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