Lead in the Environment

How has the Golden Gate Bridge
Affected the Horseshoe Bay Recreation Area?

Horseshoe Bay at East Fort Baker is a popular place for fishing or crabbing and a favorite launch and picnic spot for many boaters. The goal of this experiment is to determine if the lead content of soils and sediments near Horseshoe Bay in East Fort Baker is high enough to pose a hazard to people or marine life in the area. Samples were taken by the UC Berkeley Environmental Chemistry lab sections during the week of February 3.

Maps of East Fort Baker area:

The Big Picture
A Closeup: The Sampling Map

Download the Anza.practice data file here.

Lead Data Collected by the Environmental Chemistry Class is Now Available

Click here to download the lead data as an Excel 5.0 file.

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More information about the Golden Gate Bridge can be found at the Golden Gate Transit Authority web page.

Detailed description of grading for lead lab:

Appendix on AA spectroscopy
(5 points)

In your own words, describe how an atomic absorption spectrophotometer works.

Lead Report
(60 points)

See pp. 81-84 in the lab manual for detailed instructions on writing the final report.

Data Entry Grade:
(5 points)

You will receive all of these points if you enter your data on time into the computer. If you have to be reminded about data entry, some or all of these points will be deducted from your grade. There is no reason why every student shouldn't get these 5 points!