The goal of this experiment is to determine if the lead content of soils in selected Oakland City parks is high enough to pose a hazard to children playing in the parks. Samples were taken during the week of October 7 from the following parks:

Estuary Park: Monday afternoon lab
Lake Merritt: Tuesday morning lab
Jefferson Square Park: Tuesday afternoon lab
Grove-Shafter Park: Wednesday afternoon lab

Lead Data Collected by the Environmental Chemistry Class

To download the Excel data file for a particular park, click on the park you are interested in . In order for the download to work, your browser must be configured so that Excel 5.0 is a helper application. Click here for instructions on configuring Netscape.

Estuary Park: Monday afternoon lab, data now available
Lake Merritt: Tuesday morning lab, data now available
Jefferson Square Park: Tuesday afternoon lab, data now available
Grove Shafter Park: Wednesday afternoon lab, data now available

Maps of Oakland:

Map of city streets in Oakland
Map of Alameda County Department of Environmental Health study site

Detailed description of grading for lead lab:

One-page Error Summary
(5 points)
This summary should briefly describe the errors you made in writing the Strawberry Creek report and should include specific comments on what you changed about your writing to address these problems in the Lead report.
Lead Report
(50 points)
See pp. 39-40 in the lab manual for detailed instructions on writing the final report.
Data Entry Grade:
(5 points)
Five points are allotted to the Data Entry Grade. You will receive all of these points if you enter your data on time into the computer. If you have to be reminded about data entry, some or all of these points will be deducted from your grade. There is no reason why every student shouldn't get these 5 points!