Organochlorine Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables:

Instructor's Manual Overview

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Table of Contents


Learning Goals for Students


In What Courses Could the Module Be Used?

Materials and Instrumentation


Risk Assessment and Solubilities of Organic Compounds

Reading in Laboratory Manual

Time Required

Pre-Lab Discussion

Risk Assessment

Solubilities of Organic Substances

Experimental Design

Creating a Flow Chart for the Extraction Lab

Safety Considerations

Waste Disposal

Flow of Lab

Sample Flow Chart for Pesticide Extraction

Answers to the Risk Assessment Exercise

Answers to Post-lab Questions

Stockroom Prep: Organic Solubilities


Extraction of Pesticides From Produce

Reading in Laboratory Manual

Time Required

Before Lab

Pre-Lab Discussion

Solvent Extraction

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Using a Surrogate Spike

Issues of Contamination

Techniques and Safety

Waste Disposal

Flow of Lab

Stockroom Prep: Pesticide Extraction

Instrument Prep: GC Analysis

Instrument Setup

Preparation of Pesticide Standards

Preparation of Surrogate Standards

Conditioning of the Column and Preparation of the ECD

Using an MSD with Single Ion Monitoring (SIM)

Troubleshooting Guide for GC Analysis

Instrument Prep: SFE Extraction


Data Analysis and Debate Preparation

Reading in Laboratory Manual

Time Required

Before Lab

Pre-Lab Discussion

Gas Chromatography

Interpreting a Chromatogram

Method Detection Limits and Tolerance Levels

Data Analysis


Results and Discussion

Preparing Students for the Pesticide Debate

Flow of Lab


The Great Debate

Web Readings

Reading in Laboratory Manual

Time Required

Before Lab

Flow of Lab

Potential Problems and How to Handle Them

Peer Grading Instructions


The Report

Reading in Laboratory Manual

Answers to Post-Lab Questions

Grading Keys

Appendix A: Overhead Transparency Masters

Appendix B: Evaluation Data on the Debate


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