This work was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, #USE-9156123. The idea for creating the module originated from one of the author's participation in an interdisciplinary team-taught course on Environmental Science at Williams College. We are grateful to William College Professors David Dethier (Geology) and Hank Art (Biology) and Jay Thoman (Chemistry) for many helpful discussions on the interdisciplinary aspects of environmental science. We thank Professor Angelica Stacy at UC Berkeley for testing the experiments in the large General Chemistry laboratory sections and providing insightful comments on the manuscript and many good suggestions for improving the experiments.

Suggestions for procedural revisions were contributed by UC Berkeley Graduate Student Instructors Ramon Alvarez, Anna Cederstav, Kevin Cunningham, Gerd Kochendoerfer, Heather Clague, and Adam Safir. Kome Shomglin and Ben Gross tested the wet methods of analysis and drafted Appendix C. Billie Jean Lee helped with the figures. Marla Wilson of Printed Page Productions provided able assistance in designing and formatting the finished manuscript. We are grateful for the careful reviews provided by Professors David Jenkins (UC Berkeley, Civil and Environmental Engineering), Birgit Koehler (Williams College), Jack Steehler (Roanoke College), and Thomas Dunne (Reed College).

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the enthusiastic participation and feedback of the UC Berkeley and Cal State Hayward Environmental Chemistry students. Their help with the pilot testing of the module was invaluable.

Susan E. Kegley

Joy Andrews