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“In the past, I had to either hire a reliable consultant to research pesticide hazard data,
or spend many hours combing various online databases. Now, I can just push a button.”

– Dr. Chris Geiger, San Francisco Department of the Environment

The PRI Product Evaluator is designed as a central resource for IPM professionals, LEED Accredited Professionals, facility managers, pest control operators, nurseries, golf courses, retailers and others to find low-hazard products. It is a US Green Building Council-designated IPM resource for LEED credit.

The PRI Pesticide Product Evaluator uses the LEED-compliant  San Francisco Hazard Ranking system to assign a Hazard Tier ranking to pesticide products. Products are evaluated on the basis of acute and chronic toxicity to humans, wildlife and aquatic life, as well as potential for water contamination. The PRI Pesticide Product Evaluator rankings allow building managers and LEED APs to quickly assess a pesticide product for its eligibility for use in the new LEED v4-certified Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program and find least-toxic products. The LEED v4 O+M: Existing Buildings guidelines (formerly EBOM SSc3 and IEQc3.6) provide a 2-point LEED credit for indoor and outdoor Integrated Pest Management when using verified IPM methods for pest management and limiting pesticide use to least-toxic (Hazard Tier III) pesticide products.

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Our goal is to help homeowners, businesses, pest control professionals, buildings and grounds managers, farmers, turf managers and consumers make informed decisions about pesticide use.

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Product Evaluator Features

With the PRI Pesticide Product Evaluator you can:

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
View criteria for the Hazard Tier system and PRI’s insights and links to other resources on active ingredients

Quickly assess whether a product is LEED-compliant for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) points

Obtain human health and environmental hazard data and chemical ID information for active ingredients and any other identified ingredients in pesticide products

Advanced Search Button Perform advanced searches by hazard tier, pest, active ingredient, chemical class, use type and crop or site
Search results now include a low exposure icon, which indicates that the product is formulated and used in a way that minimizes exposure potential. Products in this category include rodenticides or insecticides sold as enclosed bait stations, as well as insecticidal gels used in cracks and crevices.
Icon_SchoolBus Search by California Healthy Schools Exempt to find pesticide products exempt from California school reporting requirements. These products are flagged with a school bus icon to allow school IPM staff to quickly verify whether a product is exempt from reporting under the California Healthy Schools Act.
Icon_Bee-Toxic Discover which pesticides are harmful to bees and get a list of of Section 25(b) low-toxicity pesticides products for your IPM program with advanced search options for Bee-toxic and FIFRA Exempt.
Lists Create a customized personal list for easy access to your selected products. Create a customized group list for all members of a group subscription
Review Button Share your experience using a pesticide product and read product reviews with details on the pest, application site and treatment results.

Screenshots of the Product Evaluator

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