For Beekeepers

PRI is committed to helping protect pollinators by providing essential scientific information, tools, and resources to commercial beekeepers, honey producers, and hobbyists, as well as researchers and regulators working on pollinator protection.


PRI’s Bee Resource Center includes free access to:

PRI’s also offers the Beekeeper Premium, which includes access to detailed map-based information on historic use of bee-toxic pesticides in California and special Pesticide Reviews of pesticides used for mite control in beehives. This map-based tool will help you determine the locations that are safe for your bees to forage in California and provide detailed information on the pesticides used on each crop and their toxicity to bees.

Interesting in testing your hive for pesticide contamination? PRI offers pesticide analytical services for a number of hive samples, including wax, pollen, honey, and bees. We help you every step of the way by providing the tools you need to collect samples, handling laboratory coordination, and interpreting the results of your pesticide analysis. Please see PRI Sampling Services for details on this exciting new program.

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