Product Evaluator: Quality Assurance

Pesticide Research Institute’s Product Evaluator is an online subscription-based tool that compiles information about pesticide products from various Data Sources. PRI assigns a Hazard Tier ranking on the basis of acute and chronic toxicity to humans, wildlife and aquatic life, as well as potential for water contamination.

Hazard Tiers are assigned in two ways:

  1. Based on the active ingredient only
  2. Based on a detailed review of product label and MSDS

For those products that were assigned a Hazard Tier on the basis of the active ingredient only, we do not promise detailed product information, although it will be available for some products.

In order to ensure that we are providing accurate data, two different PRI Staff review each pesticide product. We have also developed standard guidelines for interpretation of conflicting data from the product label and MSDS. Check the Help and FAQ page for specifics about how we resolve these issues.

PRI cannot guarantee perfect accuracy. Our Data Sources occasionally publish data with slight inaccuracies that may appear in the Product Evaluator. Please contact PRI at if you encounter unexpected information in the Product Evaluator, and we will investigate possible causes of the error.

For subscribers, if you’re interested in a particular product, please email and we will make that product a priority for review.

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