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PRI specializes in helping clients understand the scope of pesticide impacts on human health and the environment. We conduct sampling, develop risk assessments and provide resources for low-impact Integrated Pest Management. Find out more.


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PRI Product Evaluator

PRI’s Pesticide Product Evaluator is a game-changing online tool that allows you to look up the human, animal, and environmental toxicity of different pesticide products. This tool leverages the City of San Francisco’s trusted Hazard Tier system to help you find least-toxic products.


PRI Product Evaluator

PRI Resource Centers

PRI Resource Centers provide free information on pesticides and low-impact methods of pest management for mice and rats, ants and roaches, fleas, garden pests, and more. Browse the available information.


PRI Resource Centers

  • Dec 16, 2014 Product Updates


    New pesticide product information is now available through the PRI Pesticide Product Evaluator tool. Log in or sign up to..
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  • California Healthy Schools


    User-Friendly Database Accurately Determines if Pesticide Product is “Exempt” from California Healthy Schools Reporting Requirements  Under the California Healthy Schools..
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  • Support the Hive Tracking Project


    Many of you may have heard of the plight of the bees over the last few years. Managed honey bee populations..
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  • LEED Credits for IPM


    PRI’s Pesticide Product Evaluator® — Essential For Gold Or Platinum LEED Certification US Green Building Council member Barry Giles recently presented..
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  • Get Ready for Flu Season


    Beyond getting your yearly flu shot this October, it’s time to prepare for cold and flu season by preventing the..
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  • Announcing PestSmart Web


    This week, Pesticide Research Institute (PRI) launched PestSmartTM Web, a free online tool that makes it easy to find hazard..
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  • Gardeners Beware


    An expanded study conducted by Friends of the Earth and Pesticide Research Institute found that bee-attractive plants sold at top..
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  • What’s the Buzz?


    What’s the Buzz about?: A Conversation about Bee Declines, Impacts on Our Food System & What You Can Do about..
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  • New Science on Neonicotinoids


    by Pierre Mineau (Pierre Mineau Consulting) and Susan Kegley (Pesticide Research Institute)     Because the dose levels used in this..
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  • New Bed Bug Control Guide


    Worried about bed bugs? Pesky bed bugs live up to their name, quickly inhabiting the space in and around mattresses..
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